Whether you are a tea drinker, dedicated to 3 pm tea time, or devoted to fresh coffee in the morning, everyone deserves to enjoy their everyday ritual in a beautiful mug they can wrap their hands around to take in the aromas and warmth of a cup of tea or coffee.

Our ceramic teapots are the epitome of elegance, with their graceful curves and perfectly balanced spouts, available in our iconic patterns and bold colours with matching or contrasting cups. They are designed to brew your favourite teas to perfection, allowing the flavours and aromas to develop fully, ensuring a truly indulgent tea experience. All you need to do is tip it over and pour it out!

From individually painted ceramic coffee and espresso cups with saucers to teapots and mugs, our unique tea and coffee collection takes your everyday brew to a new level. Select from our bold stripes and classic scroll pattern to plain ceramic or statement details, as a set or individual pieces - we believe they look best when paired together.

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