Introducing our handmade ceramic lamp base collection. Our much-loved pineapple lamps, dolphin lamps, Luzzu boat lamps, fish lamps and ceramic vase lamp bases have each been created to be collected and treasured in your home, for a lifetime.

What sets our lamps apart is our dedication to traditional craftsmanship—some of the same techniques, equipment and even some of our moulds and pigments have been used to make our iconic ceramic lamp bases since the 1950s. No other brands have been doing this for as long as Villa Bologna Pottery—we were the first workshop in Malta and our artists still love to sit in the Villa all day hand-painting designs, ensuring a timeless quality that is rare today.

Nobody puts our lamps in the corner, enjoy your home in a whole new light and create a statement with our eccentric and unique bases that will captivate every guest.

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