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How to throw a children’s party for small children

Discover our top tips for throwing a children's party, from entertainment, what to eat and why we love to give our children ceramic tableware to celebrate.

I love an old-fashioned children's party, aesthetically it can be such a joyful occasion. There is so much nostalgia and it is wonderful to carry on traditions from one’s own childhood. 

It’s fantastic to see so many generations joining in; grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins and anyone else who is important in their children’s lives. Throwing a traditional party is very inclusive and you can have familiar themes which resonate with most of the guests, whatever age they are. 

It’s important to make it special as birthday parties are occasions that stick in children’s memory most. Not just for the children, but also for the adults! However, nowadays there will be plenty of photos to keep the memory alive for longer! 

Ceramics and children are a surprisingly charming mix

I think it's important to encourage children to eat with ceramic tableware and they tend to respond really well to it, as they know they are being grown up when they are given it and love the responsibility. It's very charming to see them understand that emotion. 

Our new Rainbow Children Tabletop collection was initially created for a children’s birthday party, but they were such a huge hit, we decided to launch our ceramic children’s pieces to bring joy to the everyday. Whether it's to serve a mug of cold milk in the morning, or an after-school bowl of cereal to dinner is served. Wait as your little one’s face lights up when they discover the little fish waiting for them, which was our son, Rocco’s idea! 


children's ceramics

How to decorate a children’s party

  • A theme is helpful.  A few ideas for themes include rainbows, animal parades, fairies, pirates, farm animals, sea creatures, princesses, space, superheroes, or unicorns. I am sure the birthday boy or girl will also have plenty of ideas!
  • More is more when it comes to decorating! Balloons, bunting, garlands, streamers, banners, posters and handmade decorations all look fabulous. 
  • Get your child involved. The excitement starts during the planning so let them be a part of it and make it extra special for them. 
  • Setting the table for little ones is a lot of fun. We have launched a new children’s rainbow collection which was designed with my son Rocco. He loves rainbows and colour, the pieces look wonderful set on the table and mix really well with our other collections. Throw in some chunky striped jugs full of fresh juice, some large oval platters stacked with sandwiches, different size bowls filled with strawberries and blueberries and our charger plates heaped with rice crispy cakes. 

Top tips for throwing a children’s party

  • Structure is key. Children respond well to having a structured format and it means that all the other adult guests are not subjected to chaos! 
  • Keep it short! 2 hours is the perfect amount of time to have lots of fun and not overdo it. 
  • The first 20-30 mins should allow for everyone to arrive and the children to warm up and feel less self-conscious. I would suggest having some toys out or a craft activity laid out for them to do if they wish. Some ideas could include colouring, playdough or a craft activity - perhaps decorating a pre-made mask or headband.
  • 30 minutes in is a great time to start the entertainment. At this point, it is important to have some sort of structured entrainment. Whether you have hired an entertainer, planned an art activity or playing games, make sure there is a good plan to keep the children engaged for at least 45 minutes. 

A few ideas for children’s entertainment:

  • Making tie-dye t-shits
  • Painting their own canvases
  • Chocolate making
  • Decorating cupcakes
  • An entertainer doing balloon animals
  • A magician
  • Good old-fashioned games like tug of war, musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel, Simon says, pin the tail on the donkey, egg and spoon race, sleeping lions, Grandmother's footsteps to mention a few!
how to throw the best children's birthday party
  • After the entertainment, there will be about 45 minutes left of the party. At this point, I bring out the food. I like to sit the children down while eating if possible. Bring out the savoury and healthy food first so that by the time you bring out the treats and sugar the children have full tummies and don’t eat too much more. 
  • Children are attracted to colour and the most colourful food is often the healthiest. Party food can be colourful, exciting and healthy. 

What to eat at a children’s party

  • crudités arranged in the shape of an animal
  • rainbow fruit sticks
  • strawberries dipped in white chocolate
  • rice-crispy cakes
  • orange slices
  • yogurt pots
  • sandwiches cut into triangles and filled with avocado or cheese
  • egg mayo or ham
  • nut butters
  • caramelised banana
what to eat at a children's birthday party
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and fruit juices from concentrate and offer fresh orange juice or smoothies. Our large water jugs are great to fill up with homemade juices or smoothies and place on the table. 
  • Once the children have eaten, it’s time for cake. I like to bring the cake out while the children are still sitting at the table.
  • Giving out the party bags is a very good way of letting everyone know it is the end of the party. Even children who are reluctant to leave will want their party bag which will be by the door.

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