Lighting tips to illuminate your home

In the realm of interior design, lighting plays a paramount role in shaping the ambience of your home. From creating a cosy corner to illuminating your living spaces with a delightful glow, the interplay of light and design can transform your home into an oasis of comfort and elegance. 

In this mini guide, we'll share with you our top lighting tips to illuminate your home and why we love to use ceramic lamp bases to enhance the aesthetic appeal of each room and delve into the art of pairing lampshades for a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

  1. We love how low lighting sets the mood. Overhead lighting tends to be much harsher which is great in a kitchen when you are cooking or in an office. However, I prefer to light a room with lamps dotted around the room which creates a very warm, welcoming and relaxed vibe.
  2. You can achieve balanced lighting in your home by using a combination of ambient, focused and accent lighting. Each type of lighting has a specific use and you can layer them to create depth, prevent shadows and add dimension to your space.
  3. I think it’s important in a drawing room and sitting room to have generous lamp bases with pretty shades that give the room personality and structure. A ceramic lamp base in a muted tone, adorned with subtle patterns, exudes refined luxury. Experiment with lampshades in rich textures like silk, allowing for a gentle diffusion of light that wraps your living room in an aura of relaxation.
  4. I love lamps in pairs on either side of a sofa, mantelpieces, entrance console tables or bedside tables. Lamps in pairs create symmetry and give structure to a room. Opt for designs with intricate craftsmanship to evoke a sense of artistry and opulence that will capture the attention of guests.
  5. Lamps are not just for functionality, they can also be very beautiful decorative pieces. They last forever and can be passed down through generations. I have a pair of pineapple lamps by my bed which were given to my parents as a wedding present.
  6. We have chosen all our lampshades at Villa Bologna Pottery very carefully so they work perfectly with our lamp bases. The balance between the lamp base and lamp shade is really important. We love to pair our bases with drum-shaped shades as they offer a modern and even distribution of light.
  7. Go for neutral or complementary colours for your lampshades that work well with the room's palette. When pairing lampshades, consider playing with textures, patterns and sizes for visual interest. If you don’t want to introduce another colour to a scheme of the room go for a neutral tone or try something bolder to make more of a statement.
  8. Choosing the right lightbulb is key, a very low-wattage warm white ( (2700-3000K) bulb creates a soft even light. If you can, embrace natural light during the day by keeping curtains open. You can place mirrors strategically to reflect and distribute natural light and in darker corners, you can combine natural and artificial lighting for optimal illumination.
how to light up your home

The Villa Bologna Pottery lighting collection celebrates our 100-year-old heritage and pays homage to some of Malta's much-loved icons and Mediterranean coastal towns. From pineapple lamps and dolphin wall lights to glossy fish lamp bases and linen lamp shades, these timeless designs, adored by generations since 1924, continue to bring joy to families in Malta and beyond. 

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