How to style hand-blown coloured glassware

There’s nothing more charming than a table setting that is a collection of pieces that have been created by hand. Hand-blown glass, in the most sublime colours, from the heart of the Mediterranean, makes a table feel really special. Even though they are valuable and collectable, they are remarkably resilient and can be used daily.

style hand blown coloured glass


Why do we like coloured glassware?

We love traditional crafts and our ethos at Villa Bologna Pottery is about supporting local craftspeople in Malta. Our coloured glassware collection can be treasured forever and their timeless design means they can be used in a casual lunch or for a more formal setting and they will never go out of style!

Each glass tumbler and carafe is unique and cannot be replicated - their form and colours celebrate one of the oldest art forms. Read in our blog more about the hand-blown process. Life is about small daily pleasures and having beautiful things around you can be one of those.

hand blown coloured glass


Tips for styling our hand-blown coloured glassware:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix colours, you could try all different glass colours on a table for a riot of colour! 
  • Alternatively, try mixing just two colours like our sea blue and blue and green tumblers and carafes. You can also use our Bellotto tumblers for wine in a casual setting, like an impromptu lunch or a dinner in the garden.
  • The Bellotto carafes can even be used to bunch together some freshly picked flowers as a charming centrepiece for a small gathering.
  • You can combine our tumblers in tobacco and carafes in pink to introduce a pop of colour in a laid back setting.
  • Don’t overthink it, our Bellotto collection is very easily paired with lots of combos and goes with most ceramics and table linens.