Malta, is a group of three small Islands with a huge personality and an extraordinary history. 

Converted for its position on the fringes of Europe and a stone’s throw from Africa just about everyone who was anyone occupied the islands during the last three thousand years. Phoenicians, Byzantine, Arabs, Romans, the Kingdom of Sicily, the Knights of St John, the French and then the English all had their moment in the sun. The result is a wonderfully rich legacy, stunning architecture, a church for every day of the year and a language that has taken something from all of its past invaders. Malta finally became the master of its own destiny in 1964. Being small means that the beauty and the beast often live in close proximity. Rapid construction, (with much needed social welfare reform) has swollen the urban landscape. Successive governments, pandering to a few thousand swing votes, have not always had the islands best interests at heart.  The people are hospitable, welcoming and chatty! The seas of its coast are ‘the most beautiful in the Mediterranean’ deep blue clean water. Amazing sailing, swimming and diving. Valletta!  Malta’s capital, is undoubtedly one of the best southern European cities. Packed with charm, architecture, art, bars and restaurants; it’s a must visit. The central towns of Attard, Balzan and Lija are our favourites and that’s where you’ll find our pottery, in Malta’s finest Palazzo (a totally unbiased opinion) 

Malta we love you!